7 awesome work opportunities in Dubai

In a couple of decades, there has been a steady rise of people who are interested to buy City walk apartments for sale in Dubai because ever since the financial trouble in 2008 Dubai’s economy has been progressing successfully. Today, Dubai is a city that is brimming with a diversified economy and living here is even more lucrative than living in Abu Dhabi, which predominantly relies on oil revenue.

Tourism, trade, banking and construction are some of the bases of Dubai’s economy. Considering this, there is an ever-increasing rise in the property market and more construction is signifying the expansion and development. Furthermore, Dubai is thought to be riding the wave if it’s a successful Expo. Consequently, this decade is really an exciting time to live and work here.

In terms of finding a job in the Middle East, word of mouth is still the most reliable method and has a great influence. Other than that, you would find countless companies in Dubai that use recruitment agencies and boast a great reputation. The Internet can also have many potential employment opportunities, especially if you are familiar with the two large websites, MonsterGulf and Bay.

In this blog, we would talk about great work opportunities in Dubai, so if you are new in the city and searching for a job this blog is for you.

  1. Expo 2020

When Dubai won the Expo 2020 bid, the thrill and excitement in the air were almost palpable. Everyone was so happy that the government even gave a one-day school holiday to properly celebrate the win. The reason why this was a monumental day for every Emarati was because of the lucid indication that more tourist would now be drawn here.

Consequently, there came a great demand for project managers and internship programmes for youthful candidates.

  1. Other major events and theme parks

Dubai is famous the world over for its wonderful parks and amusement places. There is a Bollywood Park, Riverland, Legoland and Motiongate.

The existence of so fun and amusing places like these is a huge development that is present just at the outskirts of Dubai. To sum it all, Dubai is on its way to becoming the largest theme park in the entire Middle East.

In addition, there is no shortage of people with artistic flair as the themed parks here are in constant need of speciality acts, dancers, singers and other performers.

  1. Development of nuclear energy technology

Being the 2nd richest world economy, Dubai is in search of auditors, engineers and many other highly qualified professionals, thereby it can be easily stated that the city is a haven for myriads of jobseekers.

  1. Jobs for healthcare professionals

We are also noticing a significant increase in the demands of medical professionals That is because the well-reputed five-star hotels here need five-star medical facilities.

Other than hotels, countless private clinics and hospitals are also greatly contributing to medical tourism. There is also a noticeable increase in the field of cosmetic surgery.

As a result, it is quite reasonable to conclude that Dubai is always demanding hospital administrators and health care providers.

  1. What about teaching?

Since Dubai is one of the biggest international hubs, there are innumerable international universities colleges and schools. For instance, there is the famous British Council, which offers CELTA training,  language classes and much more for the teachers looking for work.

If you long to be a part of educational reform, reach out to Footprints, as it happens to be the most active recruitment agency for the teachers not just in Dubai, but also in Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates.

There is also a great American University of Sharjah that boasts an incredible reputation and is located in the neighbourhood of Emirate of Sharjah. Furthermore, there is Zayed University for residents of Dubai who are looking for English instructors.

  1. Real Estate jobs

Although Real Estate in Dubai took a downturn in 2008, the situation has greatly improved since then. Now there is a sizeable local and foreign investment in the property market of Dubai. The most famous is Emaar which has a plethora of job openings.

Since Dubai is heaven for everyone who is searching for a job that could elevate their lifestyle, you too should try your luck here and get a penthouse in Madinat Jumeirah living.